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“Every day I use the
bench that my son
made. It’s beautiful,
and I don’t just mean
to look at but that it’s
truly useful. It’s so
comfortable that you
don’t feel the time
passing, and lets you
weave faster. I hope
that all the weavers
can have a bench one
- Doña Berta, in San
Pedro La Laguna,
Bench Project
  • Increased earning potential for artisans
  • Relief from pain and disability
  • Preservation of indigenous culture
  • Grassroots innovation and empowerment
Elena and her
mother Doña Maria
share a bench
"I've been weaving
since I was thirteen;
always with a lot of
pain, but it's how I
support my family.
Weaving with this
bench is totally
different, because I
feel comfortable, and
each weaving
advances more
quickly. I am so happy
weaving now
--sometimes it even
makes me want to
- Doña María, in Santa
Catarina Palopó,
"The chance to learn
carpentry means I no
longer have to work
in the fields under the
hot sun. I’m grateful
for that, and for
learning to make
these benches. The
benches are good,
so the women won't
hurt their bodies
while they work."
- Amilcar, in Cajolá,
Our mission is to help artists and artisans around the world
maximize their health, income, performance, productivity,
creativity and art or craft quality through ergonomics
education, consulting, and design.

We take a grassroots approach to innovating and delivering
ergonomics resources, with a special focus on empowering
the millions of artisans who depend on their craft for survival.
This project has been recognized by:
The Tech Museum of Innovation's 2006 Tech Award for technology benefiting humanity
The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's 2007 User-centered Design Award